• Periquera Fall

    Cascadas La Periquera, Villa de Leyva, Boyaca, Colombia .

    La Periquera Ecological Park is a nature reserve and a tourist destination, located in the central region of the department of Boyacá, in the center of Colombia. It has a set of waterfalls, surrounded by forests with great biological diversity,

  • Blue Wells

    Pozos Azules, Villa de Leyva, Boyaca, Colombia .

    The blue wells are a series of 5 spectacular blue-green artificial lakes that contrast with the arid color of the sand of the Candelaria desert. Also the blue wells are surrounded by a forest of pines and acacias that are not only the only species of trees that support the characteristics of the climate and the soil, but that give the area an air of true oasis

  • Villa de Leyva Paleontological Museum

    Museo Paleontológico de Villa de Leyva, Villa de Leyva, Boyaca, Colombia .

    The Paleontological Museum of Villa de Leyva is an academic reference center. The exhibition whose purpose is the geological and natural reconstruction of the territory, seeks the preservation and awareness of heritage, through the dissemination and generation of knowledge and importance of it

  • Archaeological Park of Villa de Leiva Zaquencipa "El Infiernito"

    Parque arqueológico de Villa de Leiva Zaquencipa "El Infiernito", Villa de Leyva, Boyaca, Colombia .


    It is a lithic monument that basically has two components: 30 large stone columns (megaliths), which are irregularly dispersed throughout the place and more than a hundred smaller columns arranged in two rows from east to west

  • Ain Karim Vineyard

    Viñedo Ain Karim, Sutamarchán, Boyaca, Colombia .

    For 30 years, a dreamer with a great entrepreneurial career began a titanic task near Villa de Leyva: Making a good tropical wine. In the land of the chicha and aguardiente tradition, using the soil that hosts corn and barley, tomato and dad, a pioneer decided to start a new tradition guided by his love of grapes and wine. Thus, Don Pablo Toro began this beautiful work that has allowed him to create quality wines that have won numerous medals internationally