Terms and Conditions - FONTANA PLAZA HOTEL


Terms of Reservation


  • Check In and Check Out:


The room is available from 3:00 p.m. on the day of arrival and it must be vacated by 1:00 pm on the day of departure. At the time of reservation, the front office staff will ask for the passport or ID card.


  • Early Check In

Subject to availability.


  • Early Departure

If you leave before the agreed day of departure, you must notify the hotel by 6:00 p.m. on the previous day. If you have reserved a room for several nights, you must pay the agreed price for the remaining time, depending on the pricing of the product. Change in the time can also change the total price for the accommodation.                      

  • 100% of the unused nights will be charged for group reservations


  • Late Check Out

Subject to availability.

  • Check in time is after 3 pm and check out time is before 1 pm. Late Check out until 7 pm will be charged an additional cost per hour.

  • El horario del check out está establecido a la 1: oo p.m., en caso realizarlo en un horario posterior, se generará un costo adicional por cada hora. 

  • Late Check out more than 7 pm will be charge 100% from room rate.




Pets (cats or dogs) are welcome in the hotel with a fee per day, to a maximum of one pet per room.

Pets may not be left alone in guest rooms. 

Pets must have their daily use objects and the hotel may provide a special mat if required.

Guest is responsible for all property damages and/or personal injuries caused by their pet, and subsequent cleaning/repair costs.

No Pets shall be washed in the hotel bathtubs and hotel towels are not to be used on dogs for drying them or any other grooming purposes.

Pets may not be left alone in guest rooms and are not allowed in the hotel restaurant or common areas.


Terms and Conditions


  • Minor Policy


Children under 18 (of all ages) are accepted, as long as the document proving the relationship between the parents and the minor (civil registration) is presented, and in case of coming with a family member other than parents, you must present a letter of authorization from them. Children under 6 years free of charge. Over 6 years are charged as adults and will require additional bed.


  • Sustainability policy


Fontana Plaza Hotel, as our partners, implements strategies that benefit our environment, reducing any negative impact that may be generated as a result of our activities

Only for Suites: According to our sustainability policies and for the efficient use of water and energy, the use of the jacuzzi will be enabled only for one hour per day. Please request the service at the frontdesk.

Only for Suites: According to our sustainability policies, we use an environmentally friendly type of fuel for the fireplace, so its use is limited at one hour per day. Please request the service at the frontdesk.

Waste separation available at frontdesk.


  • Personal Data Protection and Privacy Policy


You authorize us to collect, process, store, share and / or manage your Personal Data provided to us. 

We will provide strict confidentiality and security measures for the information that you grant us and comply with all applicable laws and regulations

You irrevocably authorize FONTANA PLAZA HOTEL, so that, for statistical purposes, supervision or commercial purposes according to the law

By accepting these Terms and Conditions, you authorize us to collect, process, store, share and / or manage your Personal Data provided to us, according to this Privacy Policy and the Law No. 1581, 2012. In case you do not want to provide us with Personal Data or you are against the use of it by Us in the terms established by this Privacy Policy, you must refrain from making reservations.


  • ESCCNA Policy (commercial sexual exploitation of children and adolescents)


Fontana Plaza Hotel rejects commercial exploitation, pornography, sex tourism and any type of abuse of minors.

Those who incur these crimes will be subject to criminal penalties that include imprisonment and fines. Law 679 of 2001 - Law 1336 of 2009.


Illegal Wildlife trade and illicit trafficking of cultural property Policy


Fontana Plaza Hotel warns that illegal trafficking of species of flora and fauna is a crime in Colombia, according to Law 599 of 2000 Colombian Criminal Code Article 328 - Law 1453 of 2001 Article 29. C. Similarly, illegal trafficking of goods from Cultural interest is also a crime, pursuant to Articles 156, 239, 241-13, 265, 266-4 and 447 of Law 599 of 2000 Criminal Code, or those that modify or replace them - Law 1142 of 2007.


  • Social inclusion policy


Fontana Plaza Hotel is an inclusive workplace, so there is no discrimination for gender, race, economic status or sexual orientation, both in the provision of our services and in the hiring of our staff. 

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion are not only legal commitments, but also moral ones for our hotel.


Internal Policy 


Access to the rooms and the floors of the hotel is allowed only to guests that have been registered at the Reception.

Control noise levels so other guests are also comfortable in our hotel

Fontana Plaza Hotel is strictly No Smoking throughout all guest rooms and Public Areas.

A  cleaning service is provided every 3 days during stays. If you require this service more frequently, please request it at reception.

Guest must leave keys at front desk every time they leave the  hotel


Cancellation Policies


Cancellation policies will depend on each of the rates available at the time of booking.

To complete the booking form does not imply the hotel will accept it if you have not paid the advance deposit when it is required by policy.